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Congratulations to Jingyi Chen (Scripps Biology Graduate Program) for successful completion of her PhD thesis and defense. Awesome job Dr. Chen!

Jingyi Chen is starting a post-doc with Michael Bruchas in Seattle. We will miss her, but are excited to see what she does next.

Now online at Nature: “Flexible scaling and persistence of social vocal communication”. Thanks to Jingyi, Sandy, Pete, Jason, and Jennifer from the Stowers Lab as well as our collaborators Jeff Markowitz & Bob Datta (Harvard) and Varoth Lilascharoen & Byung Kook Lim (UCSD). Everyone did a fabulous job to study circuits that underlie emotional affect of social sounds. (insert picture 1 from news folder).

Anna Palle-Lopez has moved from Madrid Spain to join the lab as a new Post-Doctoral Scientist. She has extensive experience in the neuroscience of social behavior. We are thrilled to have her perspective and enthusiasm as part of our group.

Welcome to our newest PhD student Jennifer Jensen. She is part of the UCSD Neuroscience graduate program and is interested in using computational approaches to study how the brain and internal state are integrated to promote social behavior.

Congratulations to Jingyi Chen for her talk at ISOT, "Olfactory Circuits that Drive Courtship Behavior in the Mouse”

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